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Nashville Soccer Club

Facility Operations Manager

Nashville, TN

Position Description / Responsibilities

The Facility Operations Manager will be responsible for assisting the Director of Facility Operations in leading the staff in set-up, tear-down, conversion and event operations at the stadium.

In this role, you will assist the Director of Facility Operations in overseeing event operations for the department, encompassing managing daily stadium operations, conversion operations, and event operations. Additionally, you will aid in overseeing third-party vendor services, such as outsourced labor and equipment rentals. Managing the part-time operations crew and matchday operations schedules, along with project planning, budgets, and calendars, is vital to ensure the department functions efficiently. Providing and maintaining required training for part-time operations staff, including OSHA and event operations equipment, is essential.

You will be responsible for providing detailed event estimates and actuals, as well as comprehensive timelines for major stadium events and conversions. Assisting in the implementation of a stadium-wide inventory management process, which includes all major equipment, systems, and furniture, is part of your duties. Coordination with department leads and internal stakeholders to ensure operational support for projects, initiatives, and event deliverables is provided with a high level of execution and professionalism is crucial.

Guiding department team members and contract project managers, planning and managing the department’s annual operating budget and capital budget, and overseeing the install and dismantle of various conversion equipment are also key responsibilities. Collaboration with Event Services staff in setting up and converting club and premium spaces, field level, conference rooms, and other spaces, as well as supervising cost accounting expenses for the overall budget, including house equipment rental, supplies, services purchased, event supervision, and staff, is part of your role.

Maintaining proper inventory and organization of parts and supplies, following procedures for the use of the Computerized Maintenance Management System, and adhering to OSHA, NFPA, and other applicable safety codes are crucial aspects of this position. Additionally, you may be assigned other duties and special projects as needed.

Position Requirements

The ideal candidate for this position should possess a minimum education level of a High School Diploma or GED, along with at least three years of management experience in operations or facility management. Familiarity with best practices in operating various sports and entertainment venues, particularly stadiums, is preferred. Experience in planning, overseeing, and executing major event facility conversions is also desired. The candidate should be a proven leader with the ability to grow and efficiently operate a department, capable of prioritizing and handling multiple projects simultaneously to meet deadlines. Proficiency in reading, writing, and understanding English in a working environment is necessary, along with good written, verbal, and interpersonal skills to interact effectively with all levels of staff, including management. A professional presentation, appearance, and work ethic are expected, along with knowledge of safe work practices, procedures, tools, equipment, and techniques used in the trades. Flexibility to work irregular/extended hours, including nights, weekends, and holidays, is required. Computer skills, including operating Building Management Systems (BMS) and other automated systems using Windows and Microsoft Office software, are essential. The candidate must possess or be capable of obtaining forklift operator certification, and should be able to use hand tools, power tools, and ladders proficiently. Physical requirements include the ability to walk, stand, bend, climb stairs, lift up to fifty (50) pounds, and work on catwalks and man lifts at high elevations, both indoors and outdoors, even in adverse conditions.

Application Instructions