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Position Description / Responsibilities

The Martha O’Bryan Center’s Vice President of Grants, Compliance, and Data is responsible for leading and defining MOBC’s structured and data driven approach to program evaluation, grant and contract obtainment, and grant and contract compliance.

With a sharp focus on metrics, impact, and return on investment, this position provides the vision and oversight necessary to clearly articulate, demonstrate, and grow MOBC’s program performance, achievement, and value proposition.  Key areas of responsibility include growing and sustaining more than $4 million in annual grants and contracts, expanding MOBC’s funding portfolio to new local and national funders, refining and assessing the organization’s work; identifying key areas for evaluation; building capacity for ongoing self-assessment; lead efforts to conceptualize and implement evaluation processes designed to improve internal program practices. 

Position Requirements

Essential duties and responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

• Oversees MOBC’s grants & contracts, program compliance, and data & evaluation.
• Consistently meets fundraising goals and works to expand MOBC’s grants and contract portfolio to new local and national funders.
• Works with MOBC program leadership to prepare and disseminate all grant and contract reports.  Ensures all guidelines are followed, and milestones are met and properly documented.  Assumes responsibility for oversight of all MOBC contract compliance, both internal and external, and the management of audits.
• Uses data to develop creative and innovative strategies and solutions that lead to improved systems, outcomes, and impact.
• Provides direct supervision, including hiring, setting goals, managing performance and overseeing professional development to MOBC’s Grants and Data Team.

• Leads all MOBC grant writing projects (private, corporate, government).
• Provides oversight to all application applications, helping edit, refine and strengthen with data driven outcomes, innovative solutions, and evidenced based practices.
• Identifies new local and national sources of funding (corporate, foundation, and government), oversees funder communication, and works to build trust and recognition.
• Oversees grant proposal and reporting calendar.
• Represents MOBC at various at local and national functions by developing and maintaining relationships with community representatives, non-profit partners, grant funders, and other public officials.  Regularly attends meetings relevant to grant submission and reporting process.

• Oversees all MOBC contract compliance, both internal and external, and the preparation and oversight of audits.
• Manages all grant and contract data analysis & reporting. Works with program leadership to determine appropriate metrics and benchmarks for organizational success; consolidates all current tools and practices for measuring impact to ensure cohesive, consistent, high quality data collection and analysis.
• Works closely with Human Resources and Finance teams to ensure that all personnel and financial records are maintained according to audit requirements.
• Ensures quality control of data, outcomes, and statistical analyses; manages data analysis for teams across MOBC. 
• Ensures contracts are followed, with proper documentation and demonstration of achievement.
• Disseminates evaluation results to partners, including federal and municipal agencies, foundations and community organizations. 

• In partnership with TechBridge, develops and maintains a new and effective organization-wide monitoring and performance measurement system.  
• Designs, implements, and oversees the MOBC’s monitoring, research and evaluation activities, collaborating with organization leadership and community partners. Ensures that data is being collected accurately, analyzed appropriately and adapted as needed.
• Coordinates data collection, organization and storage; manages internal and external research and evaluation collaboration including academic partners; informs research grant applications. 
• Develops and refines MOBC-wide indicators, assists teams to set targets and measure progress, and troubleshoot obstacles. Ensures consistent, standardized procedure across the Center.
• Stewards and cultivates strategic partnerships including relationships with academic and data source partners. Guides, supervises and participates in joint evaluations. Acts as liaison between the Center and all external evaluation projects and organizations; facilitates communication of policies, procedures, schedules and other logistics associated with the external evaluation. 
• Integrates performance management & continuous learning. Promotes a culture of reflection, learning, and data driven decision-making among MOBC staff and participants. Develops and implements ways to use the data collected through the monitoring and evaluation system for learning and organizational growth.
• Outlines strategies to use data to evidence impact on the individual and community levels.  Researches best practices and community needs.
• Develops systems, meetings, and standards for using data to provide ongoing feedback and support.
• Analyzes collected output, attendance and outcome data and prepares reports for internal use and external distribution summarizing analyzed results. 

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