Infrastructure Architect

Network Solutions Group, LLC

Nashville, TN

Marketing, Communications & Information Technology

Position Description / Responsibilities

Infrastructure Architect provides high-level technical skills for designing, implementing and maintaining all NSG solutions.  Ensure all client solutions meet/exceed NSG standards for implementation and make recommendations for improvements.

Position Requirements

·      Analyze Systems

o   Analyze existing systems to ensure they are effectively exceeding the needs of the client and meeting NSG standards of deployment. 

o   Analyze systems to identify where they can integrate new hardware, operating systems, or connectivity solutions.

·      Recommend Alternative Technologies and Improvements

o   Recommend alternative technologies or improvements to enhance information systems to support client and NSG goals. These recommendations are presented clearly and understandably to senior management.

o   Educate the Project Managers on new configurations and solutions and assist with updating any documentation and project plans

·      Lead Design and Review of New Systems

·      Plan for Integration

·      Evaluate Projects


Additional Responsibilities:

·         Act as a point of technical escalation for the staff.

·         Delegate technical tasks and mentor junior staff.

·         Perform monthly audit of all services

·         Perform semi-annual audit of existing client solutions

·         Report all findings to senior management

·         Responsible for making sure all services operate completely and resolves any issues quickly


Knowledge and Experience Required:

·      Be of senior level technical proficiency and have an understanding of how NSG operates and implements technology.

·      Documentation and communication skills to support all responsibilities.

·      Ability to work effectively on cross-functional teams as well as self-manage with a “get it done” attitude

·      Strong communication skills with ability to assume ownership through complete resolution

·      Demonstrate a high level of organizational skills with the ability to self-manage and prioritize a dynamic workload.

·      Display an interest in career development, continual education, and a desire to create and implement innovative solutions.

·      Successful completion of a background check

Application Instructions

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