Operations Associate

Intrepid College Prep Schools

Antioch, TN

HQ, Office & Administrative Support

Position Description / Responsibilities



Intrepid College Prep is a growing network of public “no-excuses” college preparatory charter schools founded to address two interrelated achievement gaps – the academic achievement gap and intergenerational wealth gaps in the communities we serve.

Intrepid College Prep operates two campuses – Opportunity Academy Middle School (5-8) and Independence Academy (serving grade 9 in 2017-2018). The launch of our high school model draws upon the successes of our flagship middle school, Opportunity Academy. Intrepid College Prep was recently named a 2015 Tennessee Reward School for Progress and we have received local recognition from Metro Nashville Public Schools as an Excelling School in every year we’ve had the honor and responsibility to educate students.

 We make three commitments to every student – admission to selective colleges, preparedness to engage the world as a financially literate young professional, and the cultivation of positive leadership skills.  

The work is demanding – it is a tremendous investment of time, energy and smarts but the return on investment is extraordinarily high.

Support Network Operations at Intrepid College Prep Schools

Intrepid College Prep holds a very high bar for operational systems that support student learning and culture. We believe that thoughtfully-created systems enable our school to run smoothly and efficiently, and that all student and staff-facing systems must embody our culture of urgency, rigor, and joy. Intrepid College Prep is seeking a strong Operations Associate to work on each of our campuses to ensure the high performance of school operations at Intrepid College Prep and sustain high-performing operational systems for all staff and students.

Specific responsibilities may include: 

• Support development of new facility by rapidly furnishing and equipping classroom and common spaces in accordance with Intrepid Prep Schools facility layouts and school procedures

• Support school culture by managing signage and appearance of new facility to ensure it best reflects school values

• Support development and execution of school-wide goals and priorities

• Support staff operations culture

◦ Build and sustain an urgent, responsive, and solutions-oriented operations culture

◦ Anticipate teacher needs for systems’ support and supplies

◦ Utilize accountability frameworks and project management tools to ensure all projects are completed with the highest-quality in adherence to deadlines

• Support all activities relating to school operations

◦ Manage all calendars, student schedules, staff schedules, space and resource requirements

◦ Support the school's IT infrastructure (laptops, printers, software, etc.)

◦ Conduct data entry for student enrollment, financial management, and academic achievement.

◦ Ensure integrity, timeliness and accurate reporting of data.

◦ Perform data analysis to support school initiatives

◦ Manage all aspects of the school facility; ensure the appearance of the facility reflects the high expectations we hold for students

◦ Support vendor relationships

◦ Work with our Network Director of Finance & Operations to maintain quality financial controls, create financial records and conduct all AP processes.

◦ Support school leaders with budget development

• Support Transportation

◦ Coordinate transportations systems for bus and car transportation

• Support School Nutrition Program

◦ Ensure adherence to all federal and state compliance for our meal program, including the on-site storage and preparation of meals and the process for securing monthly reimbursement for the School Nutrition Program

• Support Development and Grant Programs

◦ Maintain a donor database

◦ Create periodic communications to donors

◦ Work with financial management vendor to ensure compliance with grant programs and provide timely updates to grantors

• Contribute as a productive member of the Intrepid College Prep community

The position will begin immediately.

Position Requirements

Successful Operations Associate candidates possess the following characteristics:

• Dedication to educational success for students of color and low-income youth

• Proven track-record of high achievement in the classroom for a minimum of two years

• High attention to the smallest details and proven ability to juggle competing responsibilities successfully while meeting time-sensitive deadlines

• Superior initiative – takes direction well, but does not wait for it

• Highest commitment to improving curriculum and instruction through collaboration, best practices, regular assessment and data analysis

• Ability to work in a fast-paced, high-performing, but sometimes unpredictable environment

• Effective communication skills with students, parents, and colleagues

• Holds a B.A./B.S. degree with a minimum G.P.A. of 3.0 (major in finance, accounting, preferred)

• Speaks Spanish or has experience working with bilingual students (preferred)

Application Instructions


Please apply for ONE position only. We do not accept candidate applications to multiple positions. When completing your application, please pay careful attention to spelling and grammar throughout the entire application process. Careless errors may disqualify you for a position in our Network. Please check that you've read and understood these instructions.                                                                 

Submit an initial application and résumé at the following link: https://bes.hirevue.com/openvue/WvDbgQ6Z7T/.

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