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Position Description / Responsibilities


The Tennessee Center for Health Workforce Development (TCWD) is a non-profit organization that seeks to improve the health of Tennesseans by guiding healthcare workforce development in the state. TCWD’s areas of focus include: recruiting and placing primary care physicians in shortage areas, providing incentive money to medical residents in exchange for a commitment to work with underserved populations, providing incentive funds to hospitals and community health centers to attract qualified caregivers, matching medical residents with rural rotations, addressing nursing issues and educating Tennessee students about the healthcare professions. TCWD is a subsidiary of the Tennessee Hospital Association.


The Program Manager (PM) is responsible for a wide range of duties in support of advancing TCWD’s mission to lead healthcare workforce development in Tennessee. The PM is primarily responsible for managing incentives, applicants and data, including:

·         Overseeing the quarterly and annual application cycle for all incentives

·         Maintaining the career and candidate databases

·         Tracking incentive compliance and outcomes

·         Designing data collection processes

·         Analyzing program data

·         Creating reports

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS OF THE JOB: (listed in order of importance) List your principal accountabilities; identify what you do, what end results you are accountable for, and how you measure your success.

1.        The ability to adapt to a changing work environment and meet challenges presented throughout the day

2.        Manage the TCWD Incentive Programs:

a.    Maintain current and historical records for all incentive programs

b.    Track and retain application materials for the financial incentive programs, including the quarterly clinician focused programs and the annual awards in the Pipeline Initiative

c.    Assist candidates with questions about the application process for the Residency Incentive, Behavioral Health Incentives and the Community Incentive

d.    Communicate application status to candidates regularly

e.    Provide general fiscal and program compliance oversight

f.     Prepare and distribute incentive contracts and track receipt of signed contracts

g.    Initiate funding requests for incentive programs and track the distribution and use of funds for the Community Incentive

h.    Monitor the incentives throughout the payment and obligation periods to ensure compliance with contractual obligations

i.      Identify, assess, track and investigate compliance issues arising with incentive recipients and elevate them as necessary

j.      Track TCWD incentive alumni and maintain records of employment post obligation period

3.        Maintain career and candidate databases

a.    Input healthcare jobs into the career database

b.    Communicate frequently with practice sites to discover new jobs and deactivate postings for filled positions

c.    Input incentive candidates and others seeking a healthcare position into the candidate database

d.    Maintain the databases of incentive recipients and candidate placements

4.        Collect, research, analyze and report on program data

a.    Develop meaningful performance and evaluation measures, including data collection methodology, measurement and analysis

b.    Collect and maintain records on candidates, practice sites, obligation periods and outcomes

c.    Analyze and maintain data from the TCWD Incentive Quarterly Reports (completed by incentive recipients)

d.    Provide timely and comprehensive reports for the Bureau of TennCare, Tennessee Governor’s office, TCWD Board of Directors and others

e.    Manage performance measures that determine, in a systematic and rigorous way, whether programs are effective in achieving goals

f.     Research practice sites and prepare documentation for the selection committee

g.    Report on incentives at quarterly selection committee meetings, TCWD Board of Directors meetings and other times as needed

h.    Provide data to the TCWD Community Engagement Manager for marketing initiatives

i.      Track and report on data related to programs developed in the Nursing, Allied Health and Pipeline Initiatives

j.      Create new tools as needed

5.        Assist with TCWD initiatives in the Pipeline Initiative

a.    Assist on-site at pipeline events several times annually, including TCWD HOSA Days, which introduce middle and high school students to healthcare careers and educational training opportunities in Tennessee

b.    Track and compile attendance at TCWD HOSA events

c.    Develop meaningful method of evaluating the success of middle and high school initiatives

d.    Compile annual applications for the MLVC Achievement Award and the HOSA Advisor of the Year Awards

6.        Assist with projects across TCWD initiatives

7.        Must be available for out of town travel approximately 5 percent of the time, including overnight, be able to drive an automobile and maintain a valid driver’s license. Travel may include:

a.    Visiting Tennessee medical schools, residency programs, partner organizations, hospitals, clinics and other practice sites

b.    Exhibiting at local and national industry conferences to increase TCWD visibility with partners, leaders and the medical profession

c.    Attending local and national conferences to develop knowledge of rural health issues and best practices in clinician recruitment and retention

d.    Attending HOSA events

8.        Must be available in the office during regular office hours unless job responsibilities require otherwise


1.        Assist in the build out of the Nursing and Allied Health initiatives

2.        Attend state and national meetings relevant to healthcare workforce and/or the referral and placement of healthcare clinicians with underserved populations

3.        Assist with research, writing and editing of white papers, grant applications, webinars, videos or other pieces that TCWD produces

4.        Assist with brand and marketing projects as assigned

5.        Make recommendations for additional resources needed to successfully develop TCWD programs and initiatives

ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE:  (Positions reporting directly to you, if any, and their areas of responsibility)


Position Requirements

Skills Required to Perform the Duties of the Job:

1.        Strong written and verbal communications skills

2.        Ability to accurately analyze and report data

3.        Ability to summarize and explain data findings in non-technical terms

4.        Ability to develop, test, and implement surveys and/or generate new data though the use of established and new collection mechanisms

5.        Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with stakeholders, colleagues, interested organizations, agencies, individuals and communities

6.        Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with coworkers, vendors, and clients

7.        Strong organizational skills

8.        Critical thinking (objective analysis and evaluation)

9.        Strong computer skills, including the ability to learn new software

10.     Ability to carry out multiple projects concurrently

11.     Project management skills

12.     Independent problem-solving ability

13.     Literate in Microsoft Office Suite including Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Educational and experience Requirements Needed to Perform the Duties of the Job:

1.        Bachelor’s Degree and one-year relevant experience preferred

2.        Experience may be substituted for educational achievement; minimum of five years relevant professional experience in lieu of a bachelor’s degree

Application Instructions

Please email your resume and cover letter to or fax them to 615-242-8327.

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