School Nurse

Martha O'Bryan Center


Community & Nonprofit , Health Care

Position Description / Responsibilities

The School Nurse’s job is to support Explore!’s mission by fostering a safe and healthy environment that maximizes school learning time. The School Nurse achieves this goal by designing school-wide health and safety protocols for staff and scholars, monitoring scholar wellness, counseling individual scholars and families, providing health education within our school, and communicating health updates within the community.

Position Requirements

A strong School Nurse meets these qualifications:

The School Nurse will report directly to the school’s Director of Systems Administration and work closely with the School Operations team and Executive Leadership team.

What You’ll Do:

Develop and oversee the school wellness plan. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Explore! aims to develop both preventative and responsive measures to ensure the safety, health and wellness of our scholars and staff. You are responsible for the implementation of this plan. You can interface directly with our families and students, with staff, and with the executive team. You are up to date on all CDC, state, and local guidelines. You constantly re-evaluate and revise the wellness mechanisms that span from the school buses, classrooms, the cafeteria, and beyond.


For students. You will provide the highest quality medical care for our students. Your role directly impacts the amount of time students can spend in class learning by reducing the amount of health-related absenteeism. Beyond responding to student ailments, you will foster a culture of wellness, instructing all students on healthy habits.

For our mission. Explore! serves the incredibly vibrant and diverse community of East Nashville. Our team is fiercely committed to providing high-quality education to every member of our community, no matter their background. It is essential that you are committed to equity and inclusion.

For our community. Many of our students receive inconsistent medical care. You are passionate about not only providing high quality care and education. Your aim is to ensure that every student has both the care and knowledge they need to advocate for their wellness. You believe that parents are partners in caring for the health and wellness of their scholars and are committed to working hand in hand with them to support their scholars

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