Social Science Teacher

St. Cecilia Academy

Nashville, TN

Education, Training & Library

Position Description / Responsibilities

St. Cecilia Academy is seeking a part-time Psychology teacher for an elective class (two classes on the same day, with a rotating schedule, 85-minute classes).

Position Requirements

Qualified candidates will have a bachelor’s degree, with a strong Liberal Arts background and experience teaching high school. The ideal candidate should be able to provide an overview of leading theorists in the field of psychology and describe current knowledge on the workings of the human mind. Candidates must bring an integration of faithful Catholic anthropology with sound psychological science, an understanding of authentic Christian anthropology and morality, and a holistic understanding of the human person. Interested candidates should be competent professionals and witnesses of personal integrity committed to the Roman Catholic mission of St. Cecilia Academy.

Application Instructions

Send cover letter with resume to Mrs. Rae Lee Anglin at

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