TDOT Chief Engineer of Program Delivery

Tennessee Department of Transportation

Nashville, TN

Transportation & Utilities

Position Description / Responsibilities


Salary: $180,000 annually

TDOT's Assistant Chief Engineer of Program Delivery role is a program strategist and networker who spends much of their time making decisions, building relationships, and selling ideas. They are an intelligent, charismatic leader who drives the Department toward Tennessee’s transportation future, which innovation enables. The Assistant Chief Engineer of Program Delivery is an exceptional influencer and strategic communicator with people throughout TDOT. Extremely well-read and possessing a deep knowledge of up-to-date transportation trends, they are known as a strategic thinker and a thought leader on the future of transportation. To perform well in this role, the Assistant Chief Engineer needs to have strong working relationships with each member of their team of directors to help them address the problems that arise in their areas. In some cases, the necessary solution is technical; in other cases, however, the ‘solution’ needed is relational. As such, it is imperative that the Assistant Chief Engineer not only have good relationships with their team but also with the Regions, other government agencies, and external stakeholders. While the Assistant Chief Engineer needs to ensure that the agency provides high-quality results today, they also need to keep an eye on the future. Thus, this position needs to be familiar with emerging technology and trends and determine how and when TDOT should invest in forward-looking tools. To do this effectively, the individual must be persuasive, be a leader of change, and develop strong, trusting, collaborative relationships with other TDOT executives. They see the world as it is today and as it can be tomorrow and generate excitement among people about moving toward that vision.

Essential Job Duties

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Application Instructions

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