Tennessee Graduate Program (JTG) Instructor

State of Tennessee


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Position Description / Responsibilities

(This is NOT a position as a TN State Employee)  

The Jobs for Tennessee Graduate Program (JTG) is seeking resumes for Academic Instructors.  The Academic Instructor is under the direct supervision of the Lead Academic Instructor at the Tennessee Volunteer Challenge Academy (TNVCA), but is paid and managed by the Jobs for Tennessee Graduate Program (JTG).  The incumbent will be responsible for teaching and managing the Curriculum for Tennessee Graduate Program (JTG) activities at the Tennessee Volunteer Challenge Academy to help prevent the dropout of at-risk and disadvantaged high school students, to motivate them to graduate and upon graduation, assist them with the transition from school to either the work force, military or post-secondary education combined with employment.   

Potential for Part-Time of Full-Time  

Benefits: Medical Insurance  

Program Mission:  

The mission of the TNVCA Program is to intervene in and reclaim the lives of 16-18 year-old high school dropouts, producing program graduates with the values, life skills, education, and self-discipline necessary to succeed as productive citizens.   

The program consists of 22 Week Residential where students live on site, attend school in order to earn their HS Diploma, HiSET (GED) or enroll in Credit Recovery and learn life skills to succeed. The Post-Residential Phase is 12 months and is designed to help the student become employed, enlist in the military, or join the workforce while communicating monthly with TNVCA Case Manager and a mentor in their home community.  

Typical Duties and Responsibilities:  

• Responsible for recruiting appropriate students for participation in the program.

• Teach required curriculum.

• Provide or arranging personal tutoring services for students who need it.

• Monitor student progress, complete necessary paperwork, maintain student files, and maintain the JAG database through ensuring accurate and timely data entry and reporting.

• Consult with guidance counselors on student issues and meet with teachers, counselors and parents of students as needed.

• Must be reasonably available to students after hours and maintain confidentiality of student information.

• Responsible for assisting students with job search and job development and contacting prospective employers regarding employment for students upon graduation.

• Conduct monthly follow up for 12 months after planned graduation date.

• Performs other duties as required.

Position Requirements

Required Qualifications:  

• Bachelor's Degree required.

• Must have one (1) of the following: Vocational license/ Occupational license; 10 years business experience with supervisory authority; or 5+ years of experience in human resource field.  


• Must have good oral and written communications skills.

• Good knowledge of and contacts within the employer community required.

• Good organization skills, administrative skills, and attention to detail is required.  

Preferred Qualifications:  

Application Instructions

How to Apply:

Submit your cover letter and resume detailing your experience in meeting the above requirements for the TNVCA to:

Tennessee Volunteer Challenge Academy


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