VP of Business Development, THA Solutions Group

Tennessee Hospital Association

Brentwood, TN


Position Description / Responsibilities

A wholly-owned subsidiary of the Tennessee Hospital Association (THA), THA Solutions Group’s (THASG) primary focus is on driving value to Tennessee’s hospitals by improving members’ operational effectiveness and financial margin.  THASG also supports THA members through programs and partnerships which deliver high value.



Under the direction of the Senior Vice President (SVP) of THA Solutions Group (THASG), the person in this position has responsibility with THA Solutions Group (THASG) for member relations, product sales, and business growth to attain yearly revenue goals, oversight of select key business relationships and new business development.


ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS OF THE JOB: (listed in order of importance)  List your principal accountabilities; identify what you do, what end results you are accountable for, and how you measure your success.

All Areas


1.      The ability to adapt to a changing work environment and meet challenges presented throughout the day.

2.      Must be available in the office during regular office hours unless job responsibilities require otherwise.

3.      Must be available for out of town travel, including overnight, approximately 50 percent of the time, be able to drive an automobile and maintain a valid driver’s license.


Member Relations and Product Sales


Under the direction of the SVP of THASG, this person in this position has responsibility within THASG for member relations in order to create an environment with THA members that fosters a welcoming spirit as opportunities are identified and presented.  While other THASG staff will have relationships

with members as well, this position will have a more direct and primary focus than others.  This will be accomplished by:


1.      Making personal visits at hospitals, system corporate offices and other locations, as appropriate, to inform them of the opportunities within THASG and support THASG and its vendors in securing contracts for services.

2.      Developing and maintaining effective relationships with key individuals in all hospitals and health systems.  This includes C-Suite members, other key senior management, department directors and appropriate corporate office personnel.

3.      Working with other THASG staff to make sure that all areas where relationships are needed are appropriately addressed.

4.      Working with key business partners to influence member receptivity, as appropriate.


Oversight of Key Business Relationships and Select Owned Programs


1.      Responsible for management of relationships with key business partners.

2.      Responsible for continued development and improvement of “owned” programs as assigned.


New Business Development


1.      Monitor requirements of THA members relative to services needed and the right mix of vendors/programs required to provide those services.

2.      As part of the THASG team, develop new opportunities for business relationships and/or programs that contribute to the overall goal of bringing value to members and revenue to THA, which includes identification of these opportunities, due diligence review, contract negotiation and implementation.


Vendor Approval Process


1.      General oversight of the overall review, negotiation, and approval process.

2.      Directs and leads the value matrix execution and evaluation.

3.      Directs the due diligence reviews of all vendor applicants.

4.      Ensures the collection and understanding of all data and information necessary to make an informed decision.

5.      Determines the suitability of vendors and the type of vendor relationship to be considered.

6.      Negotiates with vendors to maximize THASG and member value.

7.      Responsible for the timely presentation to management and board of all vendors selected for Strategic Partner status.

8.      Assists the Manager of Marketing with Recommended Solutions approval process and assures adherence to established procedures for vendor approval.


Vendor Management


1.      Builds and manages relationships with vendors and continuously measures customer and vendor satisfaction.

2.      Develops annual goals and initiatives with each Solutions Group vendor and oversees and directs the implementation of annual initiatives as mutually agreed.

3.      Assures vendors’ contractual performance by monitoring and reviewing financial and operational objectives—oversees contractual relations to ensure vendors meet or exceed obligations.


4.      Works with Manager of Marketing to assure that all marketing and promotion endeavors are in sync with vendor goals and initiatives.

5.      Addresses minor disputes and contractual management.




1.      Participate in THASG strategic planning process to include:


a.       Strategic thinking to assist in the development of future directions and overall goals.

b.      Assuming total responsibility for development of select new product lines and programs.


2.      Assist with the THASG Board of Directors to include planning, presentations, etc.

3.      Serve as senior leader of THASG in absence of the SVP.

4.      As a member of THA Senior Management staff, participate in THA related activities as directed.


Skills Required to Perform the Duties of the Job:


1.         Must have an understanding of the healthcare industry in general and hospitals and be knowledgeable of healthcare trends and directions in order to anticipate/determine future membership demand for products/services and determine which products and services to pursue.

2.         The ability to determine appropriate markets to enter that will provide the greatest value for member hospitals and THA.  Vendor selection must reflect “ahead of the curve” thinking to satisfy “value” demands.

3.         Must be able to communicate effectively while giving presentations both individually and to groups.

4.         Must have effective “sales” and marketing skills to present programs/vendors to hospitals.

5.         The ability to negotiate relationships with vendors that meet the needs of member hospitals and THASG.  Negotiations with vendors include both “discounted pricing” for members and “revenue share” for THASG.

6.         The ability to develop relationships with key middle and senior managers of member hospitals that establish a foundation for business development.

7.         The ability to identify, develop and implement new business ventures, including relationships with “partner” organizations as well as internally developed and managed ventures.

8.         General business skills to include finance, accounting, management and marketing.

9.         Interpretive skills to take ideas from concept to implementation and operations.

10.     Must effectively interact with others, including in social settings, with people that are minimally known.

11.     Must have the ability to oversee and manage day-to-day aspects of key business ventures.

12.     Must be a self-starter.

13.     Must have the ability to work unsupervised.

14.     Must be able to take general directions and translate that into productive work.

15.      Must have a basic understanding of standard office computer applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE:  (Positions reporting directly to you, if any, and their areas of responsibility)




Position Requirements

Educational and Experience Requirements Needed to Perform the Duties of the Job:


Bachelor’s degree required.  Master’s degree is a plus.


At least three years’ experience in the healthcare industry is required.  Experience with or in a hospital is a plus.

Application Instructions

Please send your resume along with a cover letter to scrutchfield@tha.com or fax it to 615-242-8327.

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