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The Top 10 Housing Markets Heating Up in 2017

Nashville is making a play for the hottest housing market this year, heating up with a forecast of 4.3 percent home value appreciation, 1.1 percent income growth and a 4.0 percent unemployment rate, according to Zillow’s 2017 10 Hottest Housing Markets list. The list, determined using data from Zillow’s Home Value Forecast, income growth and unemployment rates, assigned a "hotness score" to the 100 largest metropolitan areas in the U.S, with Nashville ranking No. 1.


Nashville among '50 Best Places to Travel' in 2017

Nashville, the “gateway to the South,” is a must-visit city in 2017.

That’s according to Travel + Leisure magazine, which ranked Music City as one of the top 50 places in the world travelers should visit next year.

Other destinations on the list include Belfast, Northern Ireland; Bermuda; Cape Town, South Africa; Devon, England; Honolulu, Hawaii; Jerusalem, Israel; Laos; Madagascar; and Perth, Australia. Nashville was one of seven U.S. cities that made the cut.

Travel + Leisure

Best Cities for Job Seekers in 2017

To identify the best places for job seekers in 2017, NerdWallet analyzed U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and U.S. Census Bureau data for the 100 largest U.S. cities to determine where Americans will find opportunities and also where their paychecks will go further. 

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2016 Best-Performing Cities

According to a new study released by the Milken Institute, Nashville ranks No. 7 in relation to its 2016 growth in employment opportunities, wages and technology. Music City jumped 11 spots from its 2015 ranking.

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The Milken Institute

Freddie Mac says Nashville still hottest housing market in U.S.

The Middle Tennessee residential real estate sector continues to be the healthiest in the country, according to a data series compiled by Freddie Mac.

The government-sponsored entity focused on mortgages had Nashville atop the Multi-Indicator Market Index, its ranking of the nation’s 100 largest cities, at the end of September. 

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Nashville Post

Top 10 Friendliest Cities in America

Nashville is one of 10 U.S. cities known for hospitality and friendly inhabitants, according to the blog. "It's as welcoming as it is entertaining, and the festive mood here lasts year-round."

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Nashville Climbs List of Nation's Hottest Real Estate Markets

Nashville is ranked sixth among the nation’s top cities for real estate investing in 2017, a one-notch jump from a year ago in the annual Emerging Trends in Real Estate report.

The latest report from PricewaterhouseCoopers, along with the Urban Land Institute, cited Music City's hip factor that's reflected in the high percentage of college graduates choosing to stay in the area. It also highlighted the diverse economy, with health care, technology, tourism and education among sectors that should continue to create jobs next year.

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Top Markets for Advanced Manufacturing

A recently released report lists the Nashville region as one of the top markets for advanced manufacturing.

The report, produced by New Jersey-based location consulting firm the Boyd Company, listed Nashville and the Middle Tennessee region as the fourth lowest in the U.S. when it comes to annual operating costs.

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The Boyd Company

2016's Best Places for Hispanic Entrepreneurs

The Nashville MSA was named one of the top areas for Hispanic business owners in a report by careers and personal finance website

The report was launched in light of National Hispanic Heritage Month (9/15-10/15), a nationally recognized timeframe that honors the contributions of Hispanic and Latino Americans to the United States.

The Nashville MSA was named a good place for Hispanic business owners because the area holds strong educational values for Hispanics, substantial networking potential, a thriving post-recession economy, a high density of Hispanic business owners, and access to affordable housing.

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2016 Top States for Doing Business

Tennessee is fourth overall and in the top 10 of every category in Area Development magazine's "Top States for Doing Business." To determine 2016's ranking, the magazine surveyed site selection consultants and asked them to name their top state picks in each of 10 categories that impact location and facility decisions. They shared their top picks in each category, and the magazine weighted those scores to come up with rankings within each factor, along with overall rankings that take all of the factors into account.

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Steve Stackhouse-Kaelble, Area Development

Best Cities for Job Seekers

Researchers at identified the 25 most populous cities in the U.S. (according to Census data) and found job density information for the nation's five fastest-growing occupations. Nashville ranks sixth for health care practitioners and technical occupations, and eighth for arts, design, entertainment, sports and media occupations.

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Best Minor-League Baseball Towns of 2016

Personal-finance website ranked Nashville No. 3 on its list of the nation's best minor-league baseball cities. The ranking examined both quality of life and overall gameday experience in more than 158 cities around the country.

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Amanda Dixon,

For Cities Getting Richer the Fastest, Look to the South

The Census Bureau released the results of the 2015 American Community Survey, which allows comparison of incomes city by city. Among America’s 50 biggest metropolitan areas, the biggest household income gains were in Nashville.

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The Wall Street Journal

The Best Cities for Jobs This Fall

Nashville is in fifth place on a new list of the best cities for jobs this fall. To determine the ranking, ManpowerGroup conducted more than 11,000 interviews with U.S. employers as a measurement of employment outlook for the fourth quarter of 2016.

Ranking | Methodology 

Manpower Group

Best Places for Law School Graduates

Nashville ranks No. 8 nationally among places where law school graduates have the best chances of finding a good job after completing school. To determine the ranking, personal finance website analyzed more than 900 cities on the following criteria:

  • Average lawyer salary
  • Job availability and competition
  • Housing prices
  • Area amenities
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The Most Instagram-worthy Spots for Fall

After looking through many fall hashtags and Travel + Leisure articles, narrowed down a list of the most Instagrammable spots for fall. To qualify, each location had to have more than 50,000 photos under its hashtag and beautiful autumn colors. Nashville came in No. 1.

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Erica Daniels,

Best Cities for Freelancers

Financial awareness website analyzed the most recent U.S. Census Bureau figures and other data for the 50 most populous U.S. places and identified the cities that are the best for freelancers. The 10 top places were determined by examining factors including income, living expenses, health insurance and cell phone coverage. Nashville ranks second.

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2016’s Best Real-Estate Markets

Analysts from personal finance website WalletHub compared 300 U.S. cities across 16 key metrics to help prospective home buyers find the most attractive real-estate markets. Nashville ranked third among large U.S. cities, and 14th overall.

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America's Hottest Spots for Tech Jobs

Research from ranks the U.S. cities with the greatest increase in technology jobs between 2010 and 2015. Nashville ranks fourth, with 30 percent growth.

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Niall McCarthy

The Cities Challenging New York for Financial Supremacy

The Nashville MSA leads the nation among metro areas that are increasing employment in financial services at the fastest rate, according to researchers at New Geography. Factors contributing to this shift are lower costs (including for housing), less regulation and expanding markets, driven by rapid population growth.

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Joel Kotkin & Michael Shires

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