2020 Music Industry Report

100+ experts interviewed. 2,590 people surveyed. 3 focus groups. 225 pages. 8 months. The most comprehensive market research about the music industry ever done. The Nashville Chamber and Exploration are excited to discuss the current status and outlook of the music industry in the Music Industry Report 2020 below.

The report delves deeper into how independently owned venues in Nashville have been affected by the pandemic. Venues are costly to operate and the economic crisis has hit them hard. In the report, the research team conducted a case study to determine the economic impact the pandemic had on a group of independent venues in Nashville.

To understand and explore the diverse set of music venues in the Nashville region through an interactive story map, click here. This interactive map showcases the over 200 live music venues in Nashville and allows you to filter by type of venue, genre, capacity and different standing events. This map also highlights the importance of independent venues to the Nashville music scene and how they have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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