The Research Center

Every data point tells a story. Through one-on-one interviews, focus groups and surveys of stakeholders and industry leaders, our staff will elicit a full understanding of the context behind the numbers and trends. The Research Center does not merely take quantitative data at face value; trends often mask part of an industry’s story.

The Research Center conducts research on a variety of different topics and strives to be a center of knowledge for the community. End products for research clients engage many levels of planning and analysis to support industry needs and goals for growth. Regardless of the scope of your project, the Chamber's Research Center is equipped to deliver the data you need to feel confident in your results. With sensible, rational and consistent methodologies, the Research Center works with businesses, social institutions, communities, and entrepreneurs to help them function better and make strategic decisions.

Impact Analysis & Economic Planning

The Research Center can help you determine your project’s total economic impact as well as operational, planning, and sales forecasting strategies. For example:

  • What impact does hosting meetings in your office have on the local economy?
  • How much money is circulated in the community after hosting a music festival?

Strategic Business Development

The Research Center makes a priority of delivering turn-key research on a range of business, economic demographic and related topics. We focus on areas that have high impact to the economy and region. In all projects, research is application- and action-directed with an objective of serving real-life solutions for businesses and industries with ties in the Nashville and Tennessee markets. 

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