One of our top priorities at the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce is supporting the design and implementation of a comprehensive transit plan that proactively meets the needs of our growing region.

Our goal is to work with community leaders to ensure transit solutions effectively address business leaders’ concerns and challenges. We are pleased to support the nMotion transit plan  approved by the RTA and Nashville MTA in September 2016. You can read more about the nMotion plan here.

We also support the work of a dedicated transit initiative – Moving Forward. The purpose of the Moving Forward initiative is to ensure the creation of a regional transportation solution through a cohesive community effort. This will be accomplished by engaging business and community leaders in an annual, systematic review of the region’s progress toward implementing regional transportation. You can learn more about Moving Forward and how to get involved with their work on regional transit on the Moving Forward website.

You can also get weekly updates on transit by signing up for the Moving Forward newsletter.

You can read some of the latest updates and opinions on transit from our team and Chamber members below:

Beyond our work at the Chamber, there is a lot going on in transit.

First, Transit for Nashville has launched their coalition to bring transit issues to the ballot in 2018. Over 100 business, non-profits and community organizations have joined the coalition and there is still room for your business to join too. You can learn more about what joining the coalition means for your business here.

Furthermore, thousands of citizens have pledged their support for comprehensive transit solutions and are willing to help pay for it. If you would like to pledge your individual support, or donate to the coalition, you can find more information and sign the petition online here.

Mayor Megan Barry has also announced the comprehensive transit improvement plan she would like to bring to the ballot in May 2018. The Let’s Move Nashville plan details her vision for transit infrastructure improvements, including bus service enhancements, light rail, rapid bus, a downtown transit tunnel and the development of infrastructure around transit. Some of the suggested projects and initiatives reflect the recommendations of Moving Forward in their 2016 and 2017 reports, which can be found on the Moving Forward website.

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