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Today’s students are tomorrow’s workforce.

To ensure employers have access to a skilled labor force, our dedicated team works to facilitate dynamic talent pipeline solutions. We empower our members to engage with and advocate on behalf of issues surrounding PreK-12, postsecondary, and adult education. Our work helps ensure high school graduates, Tennessee Reconnect adults, and current workers are equipped with the credentials and experience necessary to increase the availability and preparedness of the Nashville region’s talent.

PreK-12 Education

We serve as a resource to Metro Nashville Public Schools by engaging local businesses in the successes of students and teachers.

New Skills Ready

We build high-quality career pathways for underserved and under-resourced students.

Adult Attainment & Postsecondary Education

We collaborate with community-based organizations, businesses, and government agencies to align programs and services that increase college enrollment, persistence, and success.

Employer Solutions

We provide support, supply information, facilitate connections, and offer community engagement opportunities for businesses seeking talent in our region.

Get Involved

The availability and preparedness of our region’s labor force is the number one driver of economic prosperity. Learn how you can apply your knowledge, skills, and interests to impact student achievement and workforce readiness in Middle Tennessee.

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