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Speaker Directory

The Nashville Area Chamber’s speaker directory connects organizations with prospective speakers providing access to and opportunity for our members and investors to share their expertise on business-related topics. Explore the categories below to find a speaker that aligns with your needs. If you are a Chamber member at the Engage level and above and would like to be included in this directory, please fill out the application below.
Adrienne Slaughter

Adrienne Slaughter

Professional woman smiling confidently for a corporate headshot against a grey backdrop.

Candace Warner

Professional woman with a confident smile wearing a black outfit and a pearl necklace against a white background.

Cindy Baier

Daynise Joseph

Daynise Joseph

A smiling woman in a yellow blouse standing in a cozy cafe environment, exuding warmth and hospitality.

Elle Benson

George Hampton

Confident professional woman with a bright smile, sporting long braided hair and a stylish blue blazer over an intricately patterned top, set against a soft blue background.

Jacolby Robinson

A professional woman with a friendly smile, wearing a navy blazer and a white top, complemented by a stylish necklace, poses for a portrait against a neutral background.

Janet Meek

A smiling woman with shoulder-length blonde hair, wearing a blue top and a delicate necklace, set against a pink background.

Janna Landry

Professional man in business attire with a confident smile.

Jeffrey Deckman

Joe Kennedy

Confident woman with a warm smile, wearing a stylish black top with sheer dotted sleeves, poses for a professional portrait against a grey background.

Kelli Straub

A professional headshot of a smiling woman with red hair wearing a teal top and a dark blazer against a white background.

Kristen Davis

Elegant woman posing with confidence against a black backdrop, exuding grace and poise.

Mila Grigg

A confident woman with a warm smile, wearing a delicate white blouse with lace details, poses with crossed arms against a light background. her minimalistic yet elegant jewelry adds a touch of sophistication to her stylish ensemble.

Nealy Glenn


Sam Davidson

Disclaimer: This directory is provided as a source for information only. All arrangements must be made directly between the organization and the speaker. The views and opinions expressed by speakers are not necessarily those of the Chamber. The Chamber is not responsible for any statements or actions of the speakers.