CANDACE WARNER, PH.D. is a sociologist who is passionate about culture, diversity, demographic data, and inclusion strategies. Candace has served as a trainer, facilitator, organizational consultant, and curriculum developer for public and private organizations seeking diversity and inclusion solutions since 2010.

Dr. Candace Warner is the founder and CEO of people3, Inc. The mission of people3 is to provide organizations with diversity and inclusion-centered training, consulting, and research solutions for individuals and organizations. Some of people3’s current/past clients include Sony Music Nashville, TechnologyAdvice, PathGroup, Pillsbury Law Firm, TPAC, Asurion, Showpad, Sony Provident Label Group, Center for Nonprofit Management, as well as other health care, non-profit, and technology organizations. Through her work as a diversity and inclusion consultant for the last decade, Candace has also worked with multiple organizations such as auto manufacturing firms, police departments, construction companies, and railroad providers, and health care organizations.

Dr. Warner is also certified as a Cultural Intelligence trainer and assessment specialist through the Cultural Intelligence Center. Candace completed her master’s degree in Sociology and Ph.D. in Public Policy. Dr. Warner’s dissertation research centered on understanding diversity and inclusive-centered services and initiatives throughout Tennessee communities and municipalities. Her major research interests focus on economic inequality, poverty, race, ethnicity, and gender.