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Get Involved

Ensure that your voice is heard by policymakers across the region and state. 


Keep up with the latest policy buzz. Subscribe to our policy alerts to receive actionable updates on proposals that impact Middle Tennessee businesses. 

Annual Policy Survey

Each year, we poll our Chamber members to learn which issues facing the business community matter most to them. The survey results provide valuable feedback that shapes the Chamber’s policy agenda.

Vital Signs Survey & Report

For over 10 years, we have surveyed Middle Tennesseans across our 10 county MSA to identify emerging challenges to the Nashville region’s economic success. Sign up for our weekly e-newsletters to be notified to take our next survey. 

Governor’s Address

For more than two decades, this signature event brings the business community together to hear the Governor of Tennessee share the strategic vision for the growth and progress of Middle Tennessee. Sign up for our weekly e-newsletters to be among the first to register for our next Governor’s Address.