Kelli is a dynamic and accomplished professional with a strong background in the architecture and design industry, boasting over 10 years of valuable experience with STG Design. Recognized for exceptional leadership skills, effective people management, and a talent for project management, Kelli has consistently delivered outstanding results throughout their career.

An advocate for women in leadership, Kelli understands the importance of diversity and inclusivity in driving success. She has actively promoted gender equality in the workplace, championing the professional growth and development of female colleagues. Through mentoring and providing opportunities for advancement, Kelli has played a pivotal role in cultivating a more inclusive and equitable design industry.

One notable aspect of Kelli’s career with STG Design, is her involvement with an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). As an active participant in an ESOP, Kelli has gained a comprehensive understanding of the financial aspects of business ownership. This unique experience has honed their strategic decision-making skills and fostered a strong sense of ownership and accountability.