For businesses seeking to upskill their workforce, the Tennessee Reconnect Grant serves as a valuable resource as both an internal and external talent pipeline. It strengthens your talent pool, closing critical skill gaps among employees and contributing to long-term organizational success. This initiative is a cost-free opportunity for businesses, creating pathways to success for both employers and employees. Educational benefits have become a powerful recruitment tool, facilitating upskilling, gaining a competitive advantage, and establishing a lasting employee engagement pipeline.

Employers in the Nashville region are encouraged to become involved with the Nashville Reconnect program, a novel approach to the Tennessee Reconnect program, which covers tuition and mandatory fees for eligible adults pursuing associate degrees, technical degrees, or technical diplomas, fostering an intentional approach to education beyond high school. Nashville Reconnect offers personalized support through Reconnect Navigators, providing institution-neutral college navigation services, assistance with financial aid, and regular check-ins to guide individuals through their college programs. Innovative programs such as Reconnect Cafés and Reconnect Ambassadors in Nashville address barriers such as transportation, food insecurity, and childcare, creating essential connections and support for adult learners. By intentionally guiding individuals into the education system, these programs contribute to economic development and personal growth opportunities.