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  • Three Major Employers to Create More Than 1,100 New Jobs in Middle Tennessee

    by Courtney Ross | Apr 28, 2016
    Effective work across county lines is the underpinning of the Chamber's regional economic development initiative, Partnership 2020. The leaders who formed Partnership in 1990 knew that Middle Tennessee had to compete as a region in order to succeed, because the quality-of-life resources that attract new businesses and residents - such as arts, culture and parks - are spread throughout our 10-county region.

    This week, we saw a perfect example of regionalism in action, as three major employers made significant expansion or relocation announcements in Maury, Williamson and Wilson counties. These three companies will create more than 1,100 new jobs and invest nearly $800 billion in Middle Tennessee, and will undoubtedly bring more new residents to our region.

    gm General Motors officials announced plans to invest $788.7 million and create 781 new jobs for a new high-efficiency engine program and to modernize the vehicle programs at the company's Spring Hill manufacturing plant. The announcement brings GM's total investment in the Spring Hill plant in 2016 up to more than $936 million, including an expansion announced in February. The company has announced investments of more than $2 billion for Spring Hill since 2010.
    Read the full press release.
    cke CKE ...
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  • Member Spotlight - C615

    by Lindsay Chambers | Apr 27, 2016
    Christian Paro, owner, C615

    Q: What's the best thing about doing business in Middle Tennessee?
    A: The people. I moved here from New York City 11 years ago and found it so easy to work with other businesses in the Middle Tennessee region. I felt the propensity for honesty and integrity immediately.

    Q: How do you define success?
    A: Between our members at Center 615, our clients at Studio 615, my residential tenants and my five staff members, I feel successful because I feel I’m supporting the growth and expansion of the middle class and making those around me stronger.

    Q: How has Chamber membership benefited your company?
    A: The Chamber has done what they can to increase awareness and exposure of our projects. Some parts of East Nashville are still considered by many to be a no man’s land, and the Chamber, especially the Chamber East Area Advisory Council, has helped combat that.

    Q: How would you describe your leadership style?
    A: Lead by example. I’m not afraid to do any job at my company, from unclogging a toilet to meeting with the mayor.

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  • It City Update - the Mayor's Annual State of Metro Address

    by Jennifer Carlat | Apr 22, 2016
    Friday, April 29, is the date for the annual State of Metro Address - Metro's 53rd State of Metro, and the first of Mayor Megan Barry's tenure!

    The State of Metro is the mayor's opportunity to outline her vision for the coming year. The address will include important details about the mayor's budget proposal, which will be presented to the Metro Council following the event. The event will also include performances by Metro high school marching bands, the city’s youth poet laureate and a special musical guest.

    The State of Metro Address will be held Friday, April 29 from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at Ascend Amphitheater. The event is open to the public. For counting purposes only, attendees can RSVP online.
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  • Member Spotlight - Belle

    by Lindsay Chambers | Apr 20, 2016

    Q: Who is Belle, and what should people know about your services?
    A: Belle brings beauty and wellness services to our clients, hassle-free. Massage, hair, nails, makeup, skin care, fashion and fitness wherever they are, including their homes, offices and hotels. You name it. We’re there. All payments are digital and include tip, so every experience is simple and convenient.

    We are particularly excited about the recent launch of our corporate wellness offering, which allows businesses to bring a tailored menu of services directly to their employees, including massages, yoga, haircuts and more. It’s a powerful way to make employees feel appreciated while reducing stress.

    Q: How do you define success?

    A: Success is feeling fulfilled by what you do, every day. At Belle, we're passionate about building and furthering the success of professionals through self-employment and self-esteem. It's an incredible feeling to support others as they build and grow their businesses.

    Q: What's your biggest goal for your company in the next year?
    A: Our primary goal is to continue growing and sharing the joy of Belle’s services with our clients, while empowering local beauty and health professionals and becoming a larger part of the Nashville community.

    Q: What ...

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  • Member Spotlight - Baby + Company

    by Lindsay Chambers | Apr 14, 2016

    Q: What's the best thing about doing business in Middle Tennessee?
    A: Middle Tennessee is home to a vibrant health care industry, and offers residents a myriad of options for their health care needs, which is fantastic for providers, facilities and residents! Because of our fantastic medical schools, there is a strong focus on advances and evidence-based care. Additionally, due to Vanderbilt School of Midwifery’s excellent reputation and popularity, Nashville was perfectly poised for a birth center. Nashville moms and families like options, and we are honored to be a new option for maternity care and birth in the area. 

    Q: What's your biggest goal for your company in the next year?
    A: To have as many babies and serve as many families as possible! We have had more than 70 births at the center in the past eight months, and look forward to continued growth! With the vibrant growth in the Nashville region, Baby+Company feels at home and at the best place at the right time, fulfilling unique needs from personalized clinical care, labor and birth, education and wellness, to care products for parents and newborns. Our goal is to continue to create an unforgettable experience.

    Q: What ...

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  • I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Sidewalks

    by Jennifer Carlat | Apr 05, 2016
    Please note that I am not advocating actual screaming for sidewalks - or for bikeways, for that matter. In fact, it's not necessary to raise your voice at all, because Metro Public Works is updating the plan for sidewalks and bikeways in Nashville - an initiative called WalknBike.

    Friday, April 15, is the public kickoff for WalknBike - the update to the Nashville/Davidson County Strategic Plan for Sidewalks and Bikeways. The kickoff event will be held from noon to 1:30 p.m. at the Main Library downtown (615 Church Street, Nashville, 37219). 

    This is the beginning of the "visioning, inventory and analysis" phase of the yearlong update. Metro wants to hear from you about your vision for sidewalks and bikeways in Nashville, regardless of whether you walk for exercise or for transportation; whether you are a hardcore, Lycra-sporting cyclist; or someone who would simply like to bike if it felt a bit safer. 

    Learn more at, where you can fill out an initial survey on walking and cycling conditions and use the interactive map to tell Metro about the routes you use today or would like to use, and barriers that exist to walking and cycling.

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  • What Is the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and Why Does it Matter?

    by Lori Odom | Mar 31, 2016
    Guest post by Penny Pritzker, U.S. Secretary of Commerce

    As secretary of commerce, my job is to create the conditions for American businesses and workers to keep their competitive edge in the 21st-century economy.

    American businesses face a world that is more competitive than ever. With modern technology and communications and with greater ease of transportation, national boundaries no longer define the marketplace or limit the reach of workers, consumers or businesses. 

    In this global economy, American prosperity is directly tied to our ability to access new markets and reach customers beyond our borders. To ensure that more U.S. firms can sell to the 95 percent of consumers who live overseas, the Obama administration is committed to expanding access to some of the fastest-growing markets in the world through trade agreements. The newly signed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is critical to growing the American economy and supporting good-paying jobs at home.

    The TPP will enable U.S. businesses to compete on a level playing field by eliminating more than 18,000 tariffs on American-made products sold overseas, while defining the highest standards on labor, the environment and the digital economy ever to be included in a trade agreement. With this transformational trade agreement, we ...

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  • Moving Forward to Host Three Community Meetings in April

    by Jennifer Carlat | Mar 23, 2016

    As MTA/RTA continue their outreach asking community members to weigh in on three future transit scenarios, our Moving Forward initiative invites you to three upcoming conversations on important aspects of Middle Tennessee’s transit future!

    Shared-Use Mobility and Nashville’s Transportation Future
    Tuesday, April 5
    3-4:45 p.m.
    Downtown Nashville Public Library
    615 Church Street
    Register here.

    Moving Forward and the TransitCenter will host this conversation on shared-use mobility – transportation services that are shared among users, including taxis, transit, bike sharing, car sharing, carpooling and more. How will these new modes affect fixed-route transit systems? How can cities ensure that public transit investments connect to shared-use mobility options to create mobility for all users?

    Hear from Sharon Feigon, executive director of the Shared Use Mobility Center; Erin Hafkenschiel, director of transportation and sustainability in Mayor Megan Barry’s Office; and a representative from Lyft in a panel discussion of how to make the most of shared-use mobility.

    Moving Forward: Transit – The Ride to Opportunity, South Nashville & New Americans
    Monday, April 11
    5-8 p.m.
    Glencliff High School
    160 Antioch Pike
    Light refreshments will be provided.
    Register here.

    Moving Forward, MTA/RTA and Conexion Americas will host this community discussion on designing and building ...
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  • Member Spotlight - c3/consulting

    by Lindsay Chambers | Mar 22, 2016
    Q: c3/consulting recently announced a headquarters move. What’s most exciting about your new facility?
    A: We are excited to expand our office for several reasons. The new office will enable us to have space for our growing consulting team, while also expanding our collaborative place for our current and new clients (in and outside of Nashville) to meet to align their teams, plan for the future, creatively solve problems, and drive complex change. This collaboration center, called the engine, is a creative space for teams to gather, dream, plan and grow. Located just south of downtown Nashville, the engine is a convenient facility for area businesses and community organizations. Our collaboration center is designed to accommodate groups from 10 to 100+ (the new space will accommodate 200+) in a professional, comfortable environment and is specifically configured for group decision-making. The space is equipped for strategic planning sessions, training, board meetings, creative problem-solving, ideation sessions and team receptions. There’s no other space like it in Nashville!

    Q: Describe a recent challenge and how you addressed it.

    A: We are always looking for the very best to join our team! As a result of our growth, we needed to redesign our recruiting ...
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  • Culture, Tapas and Barbary Macaques - Take the Trip of a Lifetime to Spain

    by Lindsay Chambers | Mar 17, 2016
    New for 2016, the Chamber has added group travel to our program offerings. Lori Odom, the Chamber's director of international business, answers questions about this year's trip and why group travel is a great way to make vacation memories.

    Q: The Chamber is partnering with Central Holidays this November to offer group travel to Spain's Costa del Sol. What are some advantages of group travel?
    A: We are very excited to offer members and future members the opportunity to experience a high-quality, affordably priced foreign excursion. Group travel is an easy, cost-effective way to see the world. All the details are taken care of for you. Just register, pay and show up! Flights, hotel transfers, tours and most of your meals are included. The trip is a great balance of planned activities and time to explore on your own. If you’ve always wanted to travel internationally, but were reluctant to take the leap, group travel can help you meet people with similar interests and create new friendships.

    Q: The geography of the Costa del Sol combines beaches and mountains, and the area is also known for its rich cultural heritage. What are some of the highlights of the trip's itinerary?...

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