Member Spotlight - JumpOnIt Mobile Deals

Q. Tell me more about JumpOnIt Mobile Deals.
A: JumpOnIt provides the best deals on things to do, see, eat and buy in Nashville right on your cell phone. Business owners can save money on advertising by reaching thousands of potential customers in the most direct way possible: by text message. Consumers can save money at local businesses in a simple and convenient way. No more clipping coupons and forgetting them at home or paying for a discount -- JumpOnIt is free and accessible directly from your cell phone! Just text "JumpOnNash" to 88678 to join.

Q: What's your biggest goal for your company in the next year?
A: Our goal for JumpOnIt as a whole is to have successfully launched in six cities by December, which we are definitely on track to do. But our goal for Nashville specifically is to have more than 20,000 people signed up and to be sending out 8-10 really fantastic offers each week.

Q: How do you define success?
A: Success for JumpOnIt means that we are providing great savings to consumers and driving traffic and sales for local businesses. As long as the offers are great, people will be going into businesses to redeem them, which means success for everyone involved.

Q: How has Chamber membership benefited your company?
A: The Chamber has provided excellent opportunities to meet and engage with other business owners in Nashville. We have felt so welcomed and know that the relationships we build here can help lead to our success as a business. Thanks, Chamber!

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