Member Spotlight - Belle

Q: Who is Belle, and what should people know about your services?
A: Belle brings beauty and wellness services to our clients, hassle-free. Massage, hair, nails, makeup, skin care, fashion and fitness wherever they are, including their homes, offices and hotels. You name it. We’re there. All payments are digital and include tip, so every experience is simple and convenient.

We are particularly excited about the recent launch of our corporate wellness offering, which allows businesses to bring a tailored menu of services directly to their employees, including massages, yoga, haircuts and more. It’s a powerful way to make employees feel appreciated while reducing stress.

Q: How do you define success?

A: Success is feeling fulfilled by what you do, every day. At Belle, we're passionate about building and furthering the success of professionals through self-employment and self-esteem. It's an incredible feeling to support others as they build and grow their businesses.

Q: What's your biggest goal for your company in the next year?
A: Our primary goal is to continue growing and sharing the joy of Belle’s services with our clients, while empowering local beauty and health professionals and becoming a larger part of the Nashville community.

Q: What has been the most valuable aspect of your Chamber membership?
A: As new members, we are most excited about the variety of ways the Chamber connects businesses through events, networking opportunities, education and so much more. One distinguishing quality about Nashville is the sense of community and support throughout the business community. We’re confident that our membership will open new doors for Belle, and we can’t wait to continue leveraging it and connecting with other businesses!


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