5 ways to leverage LinkedIn as a networking tool in 2020

Are you utilizing Linkedin to its highest potential?

LinkedIn has become the essential social media platform for job seekers and those looking to advance their careers. There are 177 million LinkedIn users in the United States alone and 630 million total. With that many users, there’s a good chance you will make a connection with someone that can help you advance your career.

However, finding success on LinkedIn can be a challenge. Here are five ways to boost your networking efforts on LinkedIn.

Add a professional photo to your profile

This may seem like a no-brainer, but there are plenty of profiles on LinkedIn with no photo at all. Having a profile photo can generate up to 9x more connection requests. If this describes you, it’s time to invest in a professional headshot for your LinkedIn profile, website and resumé.

Research by LinkedIn shows that profiles with a professional headshot get 21 times more views and 36 times more messages. However, the key words here are “professional headshot.” A bathroom selfie, wedding photo or vacation picture doesn’t send the right message.

No headshot? No problem. You can get in touch with Chamber members that offer photography services here.

List your skills & keep them fresh

Being honest, detailed and current with your skills is another crucial way to boost your LinkedIn success. Listing five or more skills on your profile will earn you, on average, 17 times more profile views. It can also lead to 31x more messages from recruiters and others who can help you!

Share unique and original content

Everyone is an expert in something. If you want to take your LinkedIn networking to the next level, consider sharing your expertise and knowledge on professional topics by writing and posting original content on LinkedIn.

Sharing articles on platforms and third-party websites is an important part of marketing yourself or your business. Learn more about guest posting opportunities here.

Connect with others

The average number of connections for a LinkedIn user is 400. This means that every time you make a connection with another user, your network could grow exponentially. LinkedIn’s data shows that each connection to another user brings connections to 400 other members, 100 new business and an average of 500 jobs.

Connecting online is a lot like in-person networking – it’s about building a relationship. Finding users that you want to connect with and reaching out with a thoughtful message that shows you are willing to contribute to a professional relationship.

Request a Recommendation

LinkedIn recommendations can make an immediate positive impact when someone views your profile. Many people are unaware of the "Request a Recommendation feature" on your profile. You can easily reach out to people in your network and ask for recommendations. Next time you receive a professional compliment, ask if they'll write what they said on your profile.

Under "Add profile section," click on "Additional Information" and "Request a Recommendation."

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