Sneak Peek: Nashville Public Radio's Critically Acclaimed Podcast 'The Promise' tells the story of two Nashville public schools at the center of a battle over equity and race.

Nashville Public Radio’s critically acclaimed podcast The Promise returns with its second season. The Promise is an immersive series about inequality and the people trying to rise above it.

The podcast is hosted and reported by WPLN News’ Meribah Knight.

This locally produced podcast hits above its weight class. Season 1 successes include:

  • More than 500,000 downloads
  • National reach with listeners tuning in from every state
  • Local engagement with Meribah Knight participating in more than 30 speaking events across the community
  • Critical acclaim from The New Yorker, Time, and AV Club

Our much-anticipated Season 2 launches in August, exploring the thorny topic of public education and race. These are intimate stories told through the eyes of Nashville students, teachers, and families as they grapple with entrenched inequality, systemic racism and the role they play in leveling the playing field. It’s the story of the re-segregation of schools, the reckonings of gentrification, and how white privilege manifests in a system that’s supposed to be built for all children. Listen to a sneak peek here.

At this time, we are looking to local organizations committed to diversity and equity to sponsor Season 2 and help support distribution of these stories from our community to the world. Together we can contribute to the national dialogue around these critical issues. Reach out today to learn more about opportunities to support The Promise.

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