A Family Affair

Tennessee, not unlike other states, has seen an increase in unemployment numbers due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While unemployment is difficult on any individual or family, it is a status military spouses are also familiar with, as they move alongside their husband or wife.

Historically, military spouses have put their aspirations for a successful career on hold to support their service member. For decades, military spouses have desperately tried to maintain careers, despite constant moves. During the past few years, the Department of Defense has worked tirelessly to find workable and meaningful solutions. In 2011, the Department of Defense expanded the Military Spouse Employment Partnership, a fledgling Army program dedicated to military spouse employment. This dedication has led to partnerships with private employers dedicated to hiring military spouses. This year is already marked for success with more than 500 corporations and small businesses committing to hiring, promoting, and retaining military spouses.

Today’s economy nearly demands a dual income family to make ends meet. With the support from local businesses we are optimistic more military spouses can find stable employment and serve their community, while their husband/wife serves their country.

A commitment to hiring, promoting and retaining military spouses is a commitment to the local economy. More than a commitment, it is an investment in the economy and the nation’s heroes. Soldiers are more likely to remain in the Army when they know their family will have stability and their spouse can find meaningful employment. Hiring military spouses is lucrative to businesses because inevitably it brings diverse skills to the work force, inspiring innovation and generating revenue. Knowing more than 500 employers are committed to hiring military spouses can lead to more people joining the Army because they have security.

Interested organizations wanting to make a commitment to hiring military spouses can visit www.msepjobs.militaryonesource.mill/msep/become-a-partner. To connect with us on Facebook or Instagram visit @ArmyKyTn, or text APKD to 462-769.

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