Member Spotlight - The Cordelle Event Space

What's the best thing about doing business in Middle Tennessee?

Our supportive community and popularity of the city of Nashville!

What has been the most valuable aspect of your Chamber membership?

The Chamber helps us stay connected to other businesses and keep up to date with the growth of Nashville. The Monday Morning Report is very informative, educating small businesses while also reporting on the important changes and big players in the city. It’s a great “eye” on Middle Tennessee.

Who is The Cordelle and what should we know about you?

The Cordelle is a local, female-owned and -operated event space in downtown Nashville. We opened our doors in 2014 and have found a distinct place in the industry with a focus on hospitality, vendor flexibility, and elevated design. Our "why": Connecting community and cultivating an experience where people are celebrated, valued and fulfilled.The Cordelle team prides themselves in creating beautiful, memorable events while providing an environment that is helpful and stress-free.

What is unique about your business that makes you stand out?

The historic footprint is truly unique. Built in the 1800s, it is one of the last remaining Victorians on Rutledge Hill (Nashville’s oldest residential neighborhood). The location offers a one-of-a-kind versatile backdrop to elevate the design and guest experience of any event. The garden is the largest private green space in downtown Nashville and the venue's accessibility to Broadway gives clients and guests an oasis in our busy city. Modern amenities and vendor flexibility allow the host to design an event which meets their needs, aesthetic, and budget.

What best business practices did you learn in 2020 and what did you do to be creative?

Communication, transparency, as well as knowing when and how to pivot. Our event community truly stepped up and championed one another through some of the darkest times. It was a very we-are-in-this-together attitude, and it encouraged us to keep going. We are extremely grateful to be in a city where our competitors are some of our deepest allies. The importance of transparency became even more evident to our brand during the pandemic as well. Sharing difficult information with clients on limited capacities was extremely challenging, but helped them to make educated decisions, while also informing the evolution of some of our practices. All three Cordelle owners come from the music and film industries; we are all creatives. So learning how to adapt and pivot in uncertain circumstances is something we are familiar with and this skill definitely helped us make it through 2020.

What’s your best piece of advice for other business owners?

You do you! Find your place in the market and know your Unique Selling Points. If your business comes from an authentic place, your clients or audience will be more connected to what you are doing—and this will keep you on the path to success!

Check out The Cordelle's new larger space, Saint Elle, in Wedgewood-Houston on Chestnut Hill!

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