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Over the past several years, the Chamber Education Report, formerly known as the Education Report Card, has served as a community tool to highlight the successes, challenges, and opportunities in Metro Nashville Public Schools. This has been one of the primary ways in which the Chamber contributes to the education discussion in our city and state. Each year, the education report committee, a group of business and community volunteers, selects a special topic they want to focus on.

The 2023 Education Report, presented by Jackson®, is focused on how students connect and explore career pathways and how students are supported in taking tangible steps to make their postsecondary goals a reality. This year, the committee selected “K–12 Postsecondary Advising” as their focus. The report offered four recommendations this year:

1. Evaluate postsecondary advising grants impact

2. Building a postsecondary advising strategy with community stakeholders in mind

3. Fully adopting a data collection and analysis mechanism for postsecondary advising

4. Community approach to supporting postsecondary enrollment and completion

The report presentation featured opening remarks from Daryl Curry, Ralph Schulz, and a message from the presenting sponsor, Niya Moon at Jackson®. Following opening remarks, Judge Shelia Calloway and Wes Payne reflected on 2022’s report, which focused on innovation through career-based learning within MNPS. They shared the impacts of career-based learning in the following video.

Mayor Freddie O’Connell, Director of Schools Dr. Adrienne Battle, and School Board Chair Rachael Anne Elrod followed the video with their thoughts, initiatives, and work the community, partners, and MNPS have made regarding “K–12 Postsecondary Advising.” They also touched on the work that could be done following the recommendations made in the Education Report. The report concluded with a panel discussion led by moderator Jeffrey Takiue on the focus of the report. The panelists included MNPS student, Andre Eskridge, Dr. Michael Pratt, Beth Wilson, and Sanjana Ballal-Link.

To learn more about the report findings and event, VIEW THE REPORT HERE