Member Spotlight: Corporate Artworks

What's the best thing about doing business in Middle Tennessee?

Location, location, location! Since our products are shipped and installed throughout the country, Middle Tennessee serves as a central location for timely deliveries and installations. Plus, we found we were able to employ some of the best professional artist talent right here in Middle Tennessee. The Nashville area is one of the leading growth areas in the country, and we are excited to be a part of that.

Who is Corporate Artworks, and what should we know about you?

We are a fully integrated art production company that offers both art designs, production, and installations for businesses nationwide. We have been in business for over 35 years and recently opened a fully operational art production facility in Franklin. We offer complete end-to-end client-based art services to all types of businesses, including corporate, hospitality, and healthcare facilities nationwide.

What is unique about your business that makes you stand out?

We offer end-to-end art production. Our professional art consultants design a fully customized art package for our clients at no cost. Once our clients are happy with the design and budget, we will produce and install the customized art package from start to finish. We offer a wide range of artwork, from high-end custom-framed artwork to budget-friendly artwork. There is no end to the variety of art we can provide. Commissioned Art, Framed Photos, Canvas Prints, Acrylic Facemount Prints, Murals, Sculptures, 3D Wall Art, and Fine Art Restoration. Also, through our sister company, Health Environment Art Services, we offer specialized healthcare facility artwork, including ligature-resistant behavioral art. Our EDAC-certified Art Consultants are knowledgeable about the importance of certain evidence-based design and color choices that promote healing and provide a happy work environment.

What's your biggest goal for your company this year?

Our biggest goal this year is to get the word out! We want to let everyone know all of the services we provide, ensuring excellent quality and budget-friendly pricing. We are working on becoming more active in the Nashville community at large, and we are offering to host events at our Franklin facility, work with local nonprofits, and attend more local functions.

What best business practices did you learn in 2020 during the pandemic, and what did you do to be creative?

The pandemic was a tough time for everyone, and we were no exception. Many corporations shut their doors, and people started working from home. Our creative team got busy and found where we could use our materials and services to fill a specific pandemic need. We immediately started producing antimicrobial "Acrylic Shields". The Acrylic Shields were the dividers many businesses installed at each touch point to prevent the spreading of germs. Since we also specialize in healthcare products, we found our patented Antimicrobial Communicare patient marker boards were also in great need in hospitals throughout the country. Our patented designs meet all established safety protocols and standards for healthcare facilities. These products allowed us to jump into action to make a difference in such a time of uncertainty.

What differentiates my business from the competition?

What is considered our competition are other art production frame shops. We are different as our art services are unlimited. We will never say we don’t provide that type of art. We can provide any artwork that is specific to the client's needs. We do not charge for our design consultations. We have a fully operational art production facility, plus we work with local artists. We have nationwide delivery and professional art installation, and last but not least, we offer professional Fine Art Restoration, which is much needed in the Nashville area. We are more than just a frame shop.

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