Member Spotlight for Small Business Week: Batch

April 30th kicks off Small Business Week, and what better way to celebrate the value small businesses bring than to highlight our Nashville Chamber members! Throughout the week, we'll feature small businesses that are strengthening the region's business network and also giving back to their communities.

Today's spotlight features Batch, a custom corporate gift company that supports hundreds of small businesses.

1. What is your business’s mission and how long has it operated in Middle Tennessee?

Batch is a custom corporate gift company that supports hundreds of small businesses through its unique gift box options. We're aiming to be the premier gift company in the US by offering a very high level of service and customization. Since starting 10 years ago, we've been proud to call Middle Tennessee home while working with hundreds of local vendors to ship their artisan products nationwide and around the world.

2. For people who haven't visited your business yet, what should they know about Batch?

We are the easiest way to support small businesses when your business (no matter how large) wants to send a gift that matters. We can curate custom corporate gifts based on geography (where the items are made), ethos (items made by women- or black-owned businesses), theme (brunch, cocktails), and of course budget. Tell us what matters to you about these gifts and we can make it happen.

3. What is your favorite part about being a small business owner in the Nashville region? What can you tell us about the small business community here?

Having been a four-time entrepreneur now, it's easy to see and feel how welcoming and open the small business community is in the region. As the region continues to grow quickly, we fully believe our best days are ahead of us with so much opportunity to find new customers, employees, and vendors.

4. How can your fellow Chamber members and other Middle Tennesseans best support local small businesses?

Shop local and take the small business pledge. If we all shift just one small purchase each week from a big business to a small business, the economic value created at small, local businesses would be deep and lasting. Let's making supporting small businesses a lifestyle habit!

Thank you to Batch for taking part in this profile. Visit their website at

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