Small Business Week Feature: Affinity Technology Partners

April 30th kicks off Small Business Week, and what better way to celebrate the value small businesses bring than to highlight our Nashville Chamber members! Throughout the week, we'll feature small businesses that are strengthening the region's business network and also giving back to their communities.

Today's spotlight features Affinity Technology Partners, a Nashville-based, locally-operated and staffed IT company that partners with clients to provide best in class technology and cybersecurity services.

1. What is your business’s mission and how long has it operated in Middle Tennessee?

Affinity Technology Partners was founded in 2002. Our mission is to empower small to midsize organizations with technology support that keeps them safe and productive.

2. For people who haven't visited your business yet, what should they know about Affinity Technology Partners?

Affinity is a Nashville-based, locally-operated and staffed IT company that partners with our clients to provide best in class technology and cybersecurity services. We either function as the whole outsourced IT department, or we partner with companies in a co-managed relationship. In both cases, we invest heavily in people and processes that make sure our clients are aligned to industry and compliance standards and that they stay aligned in this landscape of new threats and evolving technologies. We also work heavily with our clients on their business strategy so that they have the correct technology in place to achieve their organizational goals. Besides that, our team is a group of friendly and kind people that want to help, which can be rare in IT!

3. What is your favorite part about being a small business owner in the Nashville region? What can you tell us about the small business community here?

As a Nashville native, I love getting to know and help so many great local organizations. Because every organization needs IT support and IT security, we have the incredible opportunity to meet with all types of businesses and nonprofits. The Nashville nonprofit, music, education, manufacturing, and healthcare businesses are so accomplished in their professionalism and creativity. The recent events in Nashville have hit me very closely on a personal and professional level. Because of this, I have had a close-up view into the numerous businesses, services, and restaurants that have stepped up to help The Covenant School and the affected families. It has made me so proud to be a part of such a gifted and generous community.

4. How can your fellow Chamber members and other Middle Tennesseans best support local small businesses?

When fellow Chamber members and other Middle Tennesseans choose to work with local companies, they are investing in our growth, whether it is using a local service provider, eating at one of the many local restaurants, or buying local products. In our industry, there are a lot of big companies coming into our booming Nashville market and acquiring other companies like ours. It is hard to compete against the large conglomerates who have gigantic marketing departments or who can afford to offer low margin prices in order to gain market share. Research has proven that buying local is a win-win situation. When you buy local, you are funneling money back into the community rather than ambiguous corporations. Many chamber members want to be supported by other chamber members so they can have a more personable and productive experience. We are here to support them, just as they are here to support us.

Thank you to Affinity Technology Partners for taking part in this profile. Visit their website at to learn more about their mission and services.

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