A TikTok dance in front of the Parthenon. A YouTube vlog showing aspiring songwriters at Café Coco. An Instagram story showing a local artist opening at Marathon. This is great content for influencers exclusive to Nashville. Yet, most influencers are in Los Angeles, New York, or Austin. Nashville should be a hub for influencers for (at least) the following four reasons:

1. Music City

TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, all of these platforms are catering towards sound. What better place to find the best sounds for your content than Music City? Not only does this relationship benefit the creators, but musicians could see benefits here too. Relationships between artists and influencers are growing more symbiotic by the day. TikTok even announced the launching of their own distribution service recently. TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, all major social companies have an office in Nashville to foster these business relationships. Not to mention the influencer marketing that’s already flourishing in Nashville (shameless plug for us at Innovo).

2. Major City, Minor Prices

It’s not a figment of our imagination living in Nashville, prices are increasing. With that being said, the cost of living is still 3% below the national average. See the below chart for a direct comparison to other influencer hubs.

3. Events! Events! Events!

Do you know many influencers living in the middle of nowhere? Besides poor internet connection, people in more secluded places struggle to get a following without exclusive events. Nashville has the second most concerts per hundred thousand people, according to SeatGeek. In addition, Nashville has all of the factors that go into social media posts. Why do you think so many Bachelorette parties are in Nashville? One post inspires another until the city is a hub for these parties. Now, imagine if influencers show all of Nashville on social media.

4. Significant Savings

Influencers are self-employed so their income is already subject to a 15% tax. Add on income tax and suddenly…brand deals aren’t looking that great. Tennessee is one of 8 states where influencers can avoid a state income tax. Additionally, Nashville sales tax is around 7%. Lower than established influencer hubs such as New York, Los Angeles, and Austin.

Let’s address the elephant in the room. Everyone’s greatest fear: Nashville’s transformation. The Music City label is slowly eroding from the eyes of many longtime locals and being replaced by a bachelorette destination. So what could be worse than “Woo’s” and booze? Influencers, right?

However, influencers can play a huge role in reshaping the public narrative around Nashville. The more influencers that show their bachelorette parties here, the more “Woo’s” we hear. The more people show off the real Nashville that we experience everyday, the more likely Nashville regains a culture in the public eye. After all Nashville is a city for big dreamers, not just decorative streamers.