Those who call the Nashville region home know it is an influential and energetic center of creativity, a place of growth and business, and a city of risk takers and leaders. National and international media coverage touting our arts, food, sports, fashion and music scenes have come as no surprise.

We recognize the caliber of industry, intelligence and creativity that define our community. We live it every day. Nashville is a place where meaningful opportunity awaits.

With more than 80 people moving to this community every day, we’re so excited to welcome you and know you’ll be glad you chose to call the Nashville area home.

LiveIt Nashville is a guide to working, playing and living in the Nashville region. LiveIt Nashville features a digital guidebook and website,, to be used as a resource for anyone considering a move to this region and to answer the question, “Why Nashville?”

LiveIt Nashville provides relevant information that many often seek when considering a new career, a new community, and a new place. Features include facts and figures, fun things to do, hip neighborhoods, anecdotes, rankings, and the stories of real people from Nashville’s community – telling why they choose Nashville as home.

Use this as your guide. Share with those considering a Nashville move or businesses recruiting new people to the area. And spread the word: Begin your journey in Nashville.

Visit to learn more.