As a small business under 30 employees, it’s inevitable that employees will be interacting on a frequent basis. With that said, relationships and company cohesion take a top priority in terms of the health and success of the company. If morale is low, if there is conflict between employees, or if individuals are burnt out and overworked, that will significantly affect the output of the entire company and thus threaten its growth and profitability. Based on our experience working in the greater Nashville area as a small business, The Dan Company has upheld three tried and true tactics to safeguard the health of our infrastructure.

Sharing Customer Feedback

It’s one thing to put in the sweat and labor to finish an intensive renovation project as our carpenters and painters do, but it’s another to witness the difference that hard work makes. Whenever our customers let us know how happy they are with their remodel, we make sure to share this with the whole team and show our appreciation and gratitude for the employees involved in the project. Employees should see that the work they do is truly making a difference in the lives of others and that they are valued not only by customers but by their colleagues. This is what has bolstered our company’s motivation to continue growing and delivering the highest quality product possible.

Upholding Ethics

From the moment of the first interview, we communicate to our employees that company relationships are built not on job descriptions but on fundamental ethics. Modeling and emphasizing the importance of integrity, compassion, and service to the culture of a company i nfuses meaning into every aspect of a project and minimizes the likelihood of conflict and turnover. This includes an open-door policy among members as well as implementing systems of accountability within the business structure to allow for clarity of communication and trust building.


Since small businesses are constantly evolving and accommodating for new growth, an environment of collaboration is essential. The work environment we cultivate is one of flexibility and creativity, and we encourage teamwork to troubleshoot inevitable challenges that expansion presents. These challenges become opportunities for real-time skill-building, maximizing the benefit for both our employees in terms of personal growth and our customers in receiving a tailored, thoughtful, and high-quality product. No employee works in isolation, and we believe in supporting and engaging one another’s’ strengths to present a unified, unique brand to our clientele.

The Dan Company has been growing our business since 2010 and continues to serve the greater Nashville area as its local trusted general contractor. Owning and operating a small business has certainly had its challenges, but as we can attest, implementing these practices will ensure that you navigate those challenges with the most ease and overall company gain possible.