A reminder to all Chamber members – it’s time to head to the polls! Tuesday, March 1 is Tennessee’s presidential primary.

The importance of voting in the presidential primary is clear, but you may not know as much about another race on the ballot in Davidson County: the race for the assessor of property. This office is charged with assessing the value of all property in Metro Nashville/Davidson County and undertaking the reappraisal of property values every four years. The next reappraisal will be in 2017, and, given the pace of development in the county, it is likely that property values could rise dramatically. There are two candidates – current officeholder George Rooker and former Metro Council member Vivian Wilhoite. Both are running as Democrats, which means that if you want to vote in this race, you must request to vote on the Democratic ballot. The Nashville Business Coalition, an independent political action committee, has endorsed the incumbent, Rooker.

If you live in Davidson County, you can read a sample ballot here, and find your polling place here.

Early voting in Tennessee was up 17.1 percent from 2008, the last year with open primaries in both parties. Chamber members are leaders in their companies and in their communities – making your voice heard in elections is critical. See you at the polls!

At a standing-room-only event on Feb. 25, the Chamber partnered with public strategy firm Mercury to present a panel discussion about the 2016 presidential primaries. Panelists were former congressmen Vin Weber and Dick Gephardt, and Vanderbilt University political scientist John Geer.