Parents across the nation are worried about their students falling behind on learning outcomes since they’ve been away from classroom environments and formal instruction for so long. An invaluable opportunity for students to access free educational resources is available now!

Students across the Metro Nashville Public School area have been away from traditional classroom settings for about 6 months. The school year has begun for most metro schools with Non-Traditional Instruction (NTI) or virtual/online learning as the primary mode of instruction. While other schools are offering hybrid options for instruction, the NTI or virtual/online option makes it more important than ever for students to have access to valuable and high quality educational resources at their fingertips.

Well, the U.S. Army can help. Not only does the U.S. Army offer educational opportunities for its future soldiers, but they also offer FREE educational resources to all students regardless of post-secondary intentions. What better way to give back to the education community than to show our support and the value of education and free educational resources to our students?

These free resources put standardized test prep courses and educational applications for smart phones, fun education learning games, college and career planning information and so much more in your students’ hands. You can access the resources on smart phones, tablets, and even desktop versions.

What a great way for students to get back on track after being away from the classrooms!

Check out the links and apps below available to keep students engaged in learning newer and different ways that meet them where they are on their smart phone or other electronic devices.

Apps (U.S. Army STARS Anatomy, U.S. Army STARS Elements, U.S. Army ASVAB Challenge, and more.) Websites listed below:

If you’re interested in exploring additional opportunities, click here or talk to an Army recruiter today. We’re also active on a number of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others.

The Army is proud to support the students and the community.