Advantages of effective employee onboarding are more than just informing new hires about organizational systems and conduct. The right onboarding training can help the employee and the organization in the long run through:

  • Speed to productivity
  • Cultural adaptation
  • Retention
  • Alignment

The time immediately after the initial hiring process is a critical time. Intro Nashville helps employers provide the necessary onboarding experience and orientation to the city that give the right first impression for new employees. The sooner new or transitioning employees feel a connection to the organization and to the city, and are up to speed and productive, the more agile, flexible and stable your organization becomes.

Intro Nashville provides new hires with the tools that help unlock connections to the city. Participants discover what makes the region unique, Nashville’s history, the region’s economy, the inner workings of our public and private sectors and the “it” in the “It city,” all while establishing new relationships with local business and community leaders. New employees quickly discover how to become actively engaged in the Nashville region, how to navigate the intricacies of doing business in the region and become more connected to the city – and as result, more connected to your organization.

Augment your existing onboarding with a program that introduces your new hires to the region and highlights all the reasons why your company does business in this amazing region.