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Nashville Film Festival

Event Photographer

Nashville, TN

Position Description / Responsibilities

Official in-house photographer for the Nashville Film Festival.

  • Generate compelling, high-quality photography that captures the essence of the festival and related activities.
  • Create an official “shot list” in coordination with the Programming Director and Festival PR team.
  • Capture and record names, spelling and affiliations of filmmakers and VIPs as needed and in coordination with the PR team and assistance from NashFilm volunteers.
  • Generate approx. 30-35 curated “select” images each festival day.
  • Provide a full online gallery (internal only) of full run of images (including non-select) each festival day.
  • Capture all key “red carpet” moments with specific shot list given by the PR group, Q&A’s, in person events, performances
  • Photo documenting the festival at each venue (i.e., attendees at showings, showcase of the venues themselves, interactions of filmmakers and audience members, the experience shown through cinematic stills style photography)

Position Requirements

Work Period: Sept. 19 – 25, 2024

  • Be available for assignments of live event coverage over the date range of Sept. 19 – 25, 2024.
  • Live event photography experience

Application Instructions