Mila Grigg is a renowned Keynote Speaker, #1 Best Selling Author, and Brand Consultant with over 20 years of experience. She is the founder of MODA, a premier personal and corporate branding group in the US. Mila’s expertise lies in coaching and consulting on various topics such as Executive Branding, Leadership, Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Social Media, and Storytelling.

Mila’s approach to branding is rooted in her own success and experience as a branding expert. She ensures that her keynotes, consulting agreements, and training sessions are based on tested and proven content, rather than mere opinions or theories. She believes in the power of authentic experiences and aims to help individuals and businesses create, communicate, and profit from their brands.

As a coach, Mila specializes in assisting executives in building their personal brand, developing leadership skills, crafting effective marketing and social media strategies, enhancing sales performance, and improving communication both internally and externally. She helps clients master non-verbal communication, emotional intelligence, storytelling, professional etiquette, and executive presence.

Mila and her team at MODA offer personalized services to companies of all sizes. Whether it’s one-on-one consulting or training seminars for larger groups, they are dedicated to benefiting both the company and its employees. Their services include company branding, employee training, core value creation, and social media strategy development.

With her experience, relationships, and clear vision, Mila has been sought after by Fortune 100 companies, educational institutions, service companies, associations, small businesses, and entrepreneurs around the world. She emphasizes the importance of branding as a driving force for success and helps clients harness the power of their brands to achieve their goals.