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Internship Resource Guide

The Nashville Area Chamber has created a guide to help businesses, educational institutions, and students navigate the internship process. This comprehensive guide will aid in developing a new, or improving an existing intern program of any size.

Internship programs involve multiple participants–students, employers, and educational institutions. For each participant, it is important to consider what an effective program entails. See below for commonly asked questions about the internship process.

FAQ for Students

  • Visit the Chamber job board to view a list of available internships in Nashville and the surrounding area.
  • Other ways to jump-start your internship search include:
    • Network with former employers, family, and friends.
    • Talk with your school’s career counselors.
    • Attend local job or internship fairs.
    • Contact an employer directly to ask if a position is available. This will show great initiative.

Start looking for an internship the semester before you want to intern.

A resume is not only about work experience. It should showcase your unique qualities, skills, and background. It is important to highlight items that demonstrate your value. A resume should fit on one page, so be concise. You can provide additional details in the interview.

Resumes can include details such as:

  • Experience: Include other internships and any part- or full-time employment.
  • Education: List any degrees you have earned. If you are currently enrolled, include your expected date of graduation, major, and GPA (especially if it’s higher than 3.0).
  • Technical and computer skills: Include basic Windows or Mac programs in addition to any specialty software or platforms you are trained in.
  • Relevant coursework: For example, an art class may not be beneficial for a bank, but it would be relevant if you are applying for a graphic design internship.
  • Clubs or activities: This will show that you are well-rounded and also give a glimpse into areas that interest you. Be sure to include any leadership positions.
  • Other related accomplishments: Recognition, awards, etc.
  • Contact information: Provide multiple ways to contact you. Some employers may prefer email while others will set up a phone or virtual interview. Make sure that your email address and voicemail greeting are professional.


You can find free resume templates online or on word-processing platforms that will help you get started. This is an easy way to get a professional look.

No. You should not slow down or end your search because you have an interview scheduled. Often, companies will interview more than one candidate; therefore, being invited to interview does not mean you have secured the position. In fact, we recommend that you contact other companies soon after scheduling an interview because your confidence level will be high.

FAQ for Employers

  • Budgeting
  • Goals and projects
  • Supervisor selection
  • Tools and work environment
  • Fall Semester: Internship descriptions should be posted no later than July 1 as students need to secure a position before returning to school in August. The deadline for receiving applications should be on or before August 1. Internships should begin September 1.
  • Spring Semester: Internship descriptions should be posted no later than October 1. The deadline for receiving applications should be on or before November 15 as students need to secure a position before leaving for their holiday break. Internships should begin around the second week of January.
  • Summer Semester: Internship descriptions should be posted no later than February 1. The deadline for receiving applications should be on or before March 15. Internships should begin by June 1.
  • International Students: Companies that employ international students may consider a different timeline. These students may be available to interview during holidays or breaks when other students are away from campus, providing the employer additional time.

Members can post internships for free on the Chamber job board. Students and job seekers frequent this site every month looking for opportunities in Nashville and the surrounding area.

Contact Amanda Hansen to add a listing. 

FAQ for Educational Institutions

  • Chamber members can post internships for free on the Chamber job board
  • Encourage your students to:
    • Network with family, friends and former employers.
    • Talk with the Career Services Center at your school.
    • Visit Nashville-area job fairs or internship fairs. 
    • Contact employers directly to show initiative.  

Email Amanda Hanson at least one month prior to the event. Your event may be promoted to individual companies or job seekers who call the Chamber for assistance.

Contact Amanda Hanson to add a listing.

View the FAQ for Students section above for resume-writing tips.