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Leadership Public Education

In partnership with the Nashville Public Education Foundation, Leadership Public Education is a 6-month public education leadership development program that empowers individuals with the knowledge and skills to serve in community leadership roles at all levels of Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS).

Program Overview

Participants, known as fellows, learn and discuss the structures and challenges that impact Metro Nashville Public Schools from experts in the fields of public education and organizational development. Each monthly session will be focused on engaging discussions with evidence-based, non-partisan research. Topics include:


  • Public School Funding
  • MNPS Budget Process
  • Education Policy, Law, and Equity
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Board of Education and Director of Schools
  • Teacher and Principal Talent Attraction and Retention
  • Conflict Resolution and Effective Communication


Classes are held the second Friday of January – June from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. in-person or virtual as instructed by public health guidelines. Cost is $500.


Every Fellow commits to an elected, appointed, and/or volunteer community leadership role impacting MNPS, such as parent-teacher organization, school or district-based advisory council, nonprofit board of directors, Academies of Nashville Partnership Council, Education Report Committee at the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce, MNPS Board of Education, Tennessee State Board of Education, and Metro-Nashville Davidson County boards and commissions.

Partnership Opportunities

  • Meal Sponsor
  • Program Sponsor


As a program of the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce and the Nashville Public Education Foundation, Leadership Public Education is neither affiliated with, nor governed by, MNPS.

Alumni Experience

I’m so grateful to have been a part of the inaugural Leadership Public Education (LPE) cohort. The six months of LPE classes, speakers and collegiality were wonderful. Our speakers were exceptional, and ranged from parents to lawmakers to public servants and teachers. Their opinions were guided by education, data, compassion and a drive to improve the delivery of education in Nashville. The impact on the cohort to be able to interact with them in a professional yet, open and transparent setting cannot be underestimated.

Patricia Knight

HCA Healthcare

Leadership Public Education was an amazing opportunity to get a "behind the scenes" look into how the school system operates in terms of finances, district leadership, and strategic planning and partnerships, all while seeing how key educational challenges and opportunities play out locally within our own Nashville schools and communities.

Maria Paula Zapata

Conexión Américas

Leadership Public Education (LPE) empowered me to feel like I can have a true impact on the students in Metro Nashville Public Schools as a community partner. We heard from experts that I would have never been in contact with about their work with students. I now have new professional and personal goals as a result of LPE and feel prepared to go out in the community and advocate for change.

Ellen O’Neal

HCA Healthcare

The only way to really get anything done is to know how the system actually works and then to leverage that knowledge. Leadership Public Education (LPE) does exactly that, it breaks down how Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) works so that we now have the power to affect real change vs. just talking about change. We need more people who will take the time to learn the way things are actually done. If you are interested in helping move MNPS forward, I highly recommend LPE as your first step.

Jake Wiley


Leadership Public Education (LPE) was a transformative learning experience. It gave me a broad understanding of all aspects of Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS), from funding to talent attraction/retention. It opened my eyes to the work we have to do as a community and as business leaders to ensure an equitable educational experience for all Nashville’s children. I look forward to serving MNPS to address the talent shortage and feel much more equipped as a result of LPE.

Mary Claire Dismukes

Belmont University

Leadership Public Education (LPE) gave me the opportunity to meet and collaborate with like-minded Nashvillians who are eager to support Metro Nashville Public Schools. As a Nashville educator, I needed to know more about how the greater community influenced the work I do. LPE convened local leaders from the district and state to inform me and the fellows on the intricacies of education policy in Nashville. From LPE, I gained a greater understanding of the education landscape in Tennessee, developed relationships with numerous city and state leaders, and crafted an action plan for my future leadership goals.

Colin Hunt

Metro Nashville Public Schools

Leadership Public Education (LPE) was a once in a lifetime experience. Growing up in middle Tennessee led me to believe I knew the struggles of our public schools and the everyday operational needs of our educators. However, LPE has opened my eyes to Metro Nashville Pubic Schools (MNPS) and every facet of our public educational system, including law, policy, board of education, director of schools, budget, parent/teacher/student relationships, current MNPS statistics, and many other segments. I look forward to using this knowledge and the connections I have made with other LPE fellows, by committing my time to education where I can advocate for the continuing betterment of MNPS.

Jason Loggins

Bank of Tennessee

Leadership Public Education was a truly illuminating experience. LPE did an excellent job of organizing the content and presenters from across the wide array of Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) stakeholders. I learned so much and made many connections with other concerned community members. I will be honored to serve in a public education leadership role to help ensure that Nashville provides opportunities for healthy growth and development for all community members. I highly recommend LPE to anyone who would like to get a more sophisticated understanding of the inner workings of MNPS.

Amanda Tossberg

Belmont University

Leadership Public Education exceeded all of my expectations by providing the information needed to ignite the public education fire in me by introducing me to amazing speakers, creating an open environment to express thoughts, and learning detailed background about Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS). As a result, LPE has planted a seed in me that will grow and produce endless opportunities and be able to support the change needed for the betterment of students and teachers in MNPS.

Artetta West

Nashville Electric Service

Leadership Public Education gave a thorough 360-degree exploration of Metro Nashville Public Schools. The combination of topics, expert speakers and facilitators, along with a cohort of community members from a range of backgrounds, made this investment a valuable experience. I gained an understanding of more ways to engage and support public education and am better prepared to serve and educate our local community.

Rachel Dyer

Junior Achievement of Middle Tennessee