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Nashville Reconnect for Employers

Careers in Nashville are becoming more technical, requiring a workforce with proper credentialing. To ensure that Tennesseeans are prepared for high-wage, high-demand careers, Tennessee Reconnect, a last-dollar scholarship tied to Governor Bill Haslam’s Drive to 55 initiative, plays a pivotal role in supporting adult learners returning to college on a tuition-free basis. The Tennessee Reconnect Grant, available at zero cost to employers, empowers eligible individuals to pursue associate degrees, technical degrees, or technical diplomas at Tennessee community colleges or technical colleges.

For businesses seeking to upskill their workforce, the Tennessee Reconnect Grant serves as a valuable resource as both an internal and external talent pipeline. It strengthens your talent pool, closing critical skill gaps among employees and contributing to long-term organizational success. This initiative is a cost-free opportunity for businesses, creating pathways to success for both employers and employees. Educational benefits have become a powerful recruitment tool, facilitating upskilling, gaining a competitive advantage, and establishing a lasting employee engagement pipeline.

Employers in the Nashville region are encouraged to become involved with the Nashville Reconnect program, a novel approach to the Tennessee Reconnect program, which covers tuition and mandatory fees for eligible adults pursuing associate degrees, technical degrees, or technical diplomas, fostering an intentional approach to education beyond high school. Nashville Reconnect offers personalized support through Reconnect Navigators, providing institution-neutral college navigation services, assistance with financial aid, and regular check-ins to guide individuals through their college programs. Innovative programs such as Reconnect Cafés and Reconnect Ambassadors in Nashville address barriers such as transportation, food insecurity, and childcare, creating essential connections and support for adult learners. By intentionally guiding individuals into the education system, these programs contribute to economic development and personal growth opportunities.

Reconnect Ambassador Training

The Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with Nashville State Community College, provides Reconnect Ambassador Training to business and community partners. By becoming a Reconnect Ambassador, you not only contribute to the upskilling of your workforce but also play a vital role in fostering a culture of continuous learning and development within your business. Join us in shaping a future where every employee has access to educational pathways for personal and professional advancement.

The Reconnect program comes at no expense to your business, offering pathways to success for both employers and employees. The educational benefits provided become a powerful recruitment tool, a means to upskill the workforce, gain a competitive advantage, and establish a long-term employee engagement pipeline. Empower your eligible employees to pursue associate degrees, technical degrees, or technical diplomas at Tennessee community colleges or technical colleges.

Interested in hiring Reconnect graduates or upskilling your existing employees?

Reconnect to Career

You now have the opportunity to connect with and inform some of the brightest emerging talent in Nashville. The Nashville Reconnect program caters to a diverse range of adult learners, including professionals seeking career advancement, individuals transitioning to new fields, parents returning to education, those without a college degree, veterans entering civilian careers, and lifelong learners. This inclusive initiative accommodates various backgrounds and life stages, offering a supportive environment for individuals to pursue associate degrees, technical degrees, or technical diplomas at community colleges or technical colleges in Tennessee.

Our regional employers and community partners who engage with students in the Nashville Reconnect program find a compelling avenue to invest in a skilled and motivated workforce. By networking and sharing insights about your career fields, you actively contribute to the development of individuals seeking education and training. This engagement establishes a direct connection between you and prospective talents, allowing you to identify and nurture individuals aligned with your industry needs. This creates a talent pipeline enriched with diverse, qualified candidates equipped with relevant skills. This proactive approach not only enhances workforce development but also fosters a community of continuous learning, where you and your colleagues play a pivotal role in shaping the next generation of skilled professionals. Your return on investment will be evident: a well-prepared, adaptable workforce that positively impacts organizational success and contributes to the economic vitality of the community.